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The importance of communication, transparency, adaptation and trust.

By Jeremy Blount

It’s astounding how much property managers have on their plate – Dealing with potential prospects and tenants, collecting rent, responding to tenant complaints, and even pursuing evictions. This is why it’s critical to have a go too roofing company for your properties maintenance and repair issues.

As a property manager, it is crucial to work with a roofing company you trust.

Selecting a roofing company to handle your properties health may be a daunting task since there are so many to choose from but we’re here to help point out some key factors to look for.


  1. Does the company have certifications for steep slope and low slope roofs? 
  2. What awards do the company hold? Check their BBB or Angie’s list to see their ratings as well as reviews from consumers.
  3. Can the company provide references from other property managers? 


  1. It’s important to have a company that stays in constant communication with you while maintenance is being performed. 
  2. Roofing companies should contact you when they find damage, take pictures and compose an email to explain issues, complete repair or replacement and photograph project completion, follow up after job is completed and submit the invoice following your specific invoice process. 
  3. The roofing company should have a full time staff to address billing questions and issues.
  4. Once all is complete your roofing company should present overall picture and solutions for roof repair/replacement and prioritization.


  1. Along with consistent communication, your roofing company should provide emergency repairs as well as a final solution
  2. Annual roof inspections of clients is highly recommended
  3. Annual maintenance programs should be put in place from the start as well.


With the recent coronavirus pandemic, companies need to be able to adapt and change methods to stay in contact with property manager. Times change and requirements change. Sometimes that involves working from home.

Pro Roofers has recently implemented virtual online training for property managers and HOA. Using Zoom, we’ve found a convenient way to continue our process and not lose pacing during this time. A roofing contractor that understands progression and adaptation is vital.

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