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Professional Roofers Inc ImagesResidents of Williamson County know just how extreme the weather can be and how it can take a toll on your property. Being a homeowner you do your best to make sure everything is working properly and efficiently. It is easy to diagnose a broken appliance or walls that are damaged and need repair, but what about those things you do not see every day? As a Franklin roofer, we know your roof is the last thing people think about when they talk about something that needs to be repaired. That is unless you are buying or selling a house, then it gets your full attention. With that said we just wanted to shed some light on a couple of things to help you to be better informed.

First, if you do not do anything else make sure you at least schedule a roof inspection annually. This will eliminate a lot of your problems and keep you on the offense. You will know from year to year the status of how your roof is aging and if there are any problems that need to be addressed. A lot of roofers offer a free roof inspection. If they are reputable and honest, if there is no damage at all they should not nickel and dime you for things that do not need to be fixed.

Next, its good to know just how long your roof should last. Without major weather conditions, an asphalt roof should last 20-30 years without needing to be completely replaced. If you have a metal roof you looking at around 50 years. Just remember this is with good maintenance and a little luck. If you own a home long enough you will eventually have to deal with some type of roofing issue.

Last, do not overlook the small things. If you look up at your roof and you see a missing shingle or a loose shingle be sure to call your local roofer asap. Unless you look at your roof every day you will not know when it got this way or what else is missing. Also if you think your roof looks dirty it could be damaged as well. Note that 1 missing shingle is considered roof damage. This is because it will compromise the integrity of your roof and eventually lead to water entering your home or worst a complete new roof.

Hopefully, this article gave you something to think about and made you want to take the next steps to make sure your roof stays safe. Here at Professional Roofers Inc we have had the pleasure of making many homes safe and look forward to making yours safe as well. Contact us at any time!

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