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Professional Roofers evaluated damage to our roof and provided a detailed description of the damage including example photographs. They also provided an estimate for the cost to replace the 17-year-old roof. We arranged a date for them to deliver the supplies they would need on Tuesday. The job was started and completed on Wednesday, including removal of the old roof and cleanup following the installation. - M. McClain
I found Professional Roofers on Angie's List and called them. Doug was thorough, prompt and he really educated me about roof replacement on the day of the estimate. When they came out to repair my roof, the crew was thorough and quicker than I anticipated. My new roof looks great and the clean up after the job was complete. I have already recommended them to neighbors and would use them again.
- D. Adcock
Excellent job, guys! They did a great job on the roof and cleaned up after the work was complete. Highly impressed. - R. Hodge
Awesome! They started on time and completed with a thorough clean up. The crew was very professional and accommodating. It was a job well done! - J Neff
They provided a prompt and thorough inspection before the decision was made to replace our roof. The workers were very diligent in their professionalism, cleaning up everything afterwards. Highly recommended! - J. Pellegrino
They called with information about scheduling the job and were very good about providing feedback. I was very pleased with the response time, quality of work and price. They are a very professional group and I would use them again. I would highly recommend them to friends and family. - S. Murphy
Professional Roofers estimated the work for a rental property I own. We agreed on a work and payment date. They called and asked if they could do the work earlier than originally scheduled because of an open date. I agreed and they did not request early payment, but stuck to the originally agreed pay date.

The job was done well. The clean up looked like no construction had taken place at all. They were prompt and professional. I absolutely recommend them. FYI: My renter, who is a roof installer, saw their work and said they did a nice job. - G. Stankevich
They did a great job. We paid $2,500 and the insurance paid the rest. We didnt find any nails left over from the job. There was no mess and it was very orderly after the job was complete. They finished the job when they said they would. Our insurance person recommended them and they were good. They were very professional and we would use them again. - P. Stephens
They did a wonderful job of evaluating my roof. Very punctual and explained everything very clearly. I would highly recommend this company to anyone needing roof repairs/replacement. - C. Clasgens
Jeff from Professional Roofers worked with me to make sure that not only I was satisfied with the work they performed, but also after completion of the work, the extended follow up customer service was excellent. That was very satisfying. - L. Stratton
I called Professional Roofers on Friday and they called me the following Tuesday. We agreed to have them come out to look at my roofs leak problem. The contractors came as promised on Wednesday and were able to diagnose and repair the corner flashing that day. I knew the price up front and agreed to the work. The contractors took pictures of the area and showed me where it was fixed. The repair took about 45 minutes and the guys cleaned up the area efficiently. So far so good: no leaks. - G. Belemjiam
All testimonials came from Angie's List and Individuals. Please check us out at the Better Business Bureau and Angie's List. For additional references/ names/ addresses, please contact us!
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Professional Roofers Inc Images
Professional Roofers Inc Images
Professional Roofers Inc Images
Professional Roofers Inc Images
Professional Roofers Inc Images
Professional Roofers Inc Images
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