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Gutter Guards Will Minimize Spring Hill Roof Repair Issues

If you own your home or rent there are always some things that will leave you scratchingyourhead. You can usually chalk it up to normal things like the heat coming up or next store neighbor noise, but what if it's coming from your gutters? If you never clean out your gutters or haven't even looked at them in years...You should be scared of what could be lurking in there, and why a Columbia and Spring Hill Roofer recommends gutter guards to help reduce the following:

  1. The first thing that might be in there is those creepy crawlers better know as Insects. If you are an insect you to would love the dark, gook, grime, dead leaves, flies and mosquitoes that your uncleaned gutter can provide.

  2. Next would be Birds...Yup, they love flying around and doing their business on your lawn, but they also nest in the gutters as the leaves help them out as well. Unfortunately, some birds pass away at home in your gutter. Since they don't get a normal burial, they remain in your gutters.

  3. If you live in warm climates this might or might not surprise you, but Snakes can also be found in your gutters. Yup, I said snakes! And, if there are snakes in there you may also find salamanders too. That should be enough to make you want to call your Columbia and Spring Hill Roof Repair expert without reading the rest of this article lol.

  4. I see you are still reading so let's continue with the list. Next, we have Squirrels and Chipmunks. Yes, they are cute when they are hopping around, but did you know they often carry disease? Making their droppings a major safety hazard and worse if they are rotting in your gutters.

  5. Last, would be Toys... Yup, those home run tennis balls that never came down from the roof or those frisbees that caught the right air. Obviously, these don't pose a huge health risk or something to fear, BUT when not removed from the gutter they tend to block the water flow which could cause major flooding in the basement.

If you are in Columbia or Spring Hill, TN and this scares you give Professional Roofers a call for an estimate at 615-778-1440.

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December 24, 2018
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