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3 Steps to Take after a Storm Damages Your Roof in Franklin

roof storm damage in Franklin

Storms happen all throughout the United States, and Franklin, Tennessee is no stranger to its fair share. When a storm hits, what should you, as a homeowner, do to ensure the health and safety of your family and home? Let’s look at a few things to keep in mind if you experience roof storm damage

Types of Storm Damage

Depending on the type of storm you encounter will determine the kind of damage your roof may face. 

Rain Damage

“When it rains, it pours.” This saying can pertain to a lot of things, but when you have a leaky roof, this can be your reality. After a storm, especially one with a lot of rain, you may find watermarks on your ceiling and walls, bubbling or cracking of your paint, or water coming through your ceiling. Rain damage usually happens due to compromised shingles, like missing, damaged, or even just shingles that have curled or started disintegrating due to direct sunlight. 

Hail Damage

Hail may seem like it is just small pieces of frozen precipitation, but it can spell serious damage for roofs during a storm. This type of damage can create leaks and mold due to holes in the shingles of your roof.

Wind Damage

Though we can’t see it, wind can do drastic damage to your roof during a storm. From shingles flying off your roof, to causing tree limbs to fall and debris to scatter across the neighborhood, wind can pose a serious threat to, not just your home, but the homes of those around you. 

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3 Steps of Storm Damage Dealings

Step 1: Assess the Damage

Once the storm is passed, and it is safe to go outside, try and assess the damage, as well as put any short-term fixes in place. This can be done by you, only if it is safe to do so! If it isn’t safe, contact a professional roofing company, like Professional Roofers Inc., to do the assessment for you. Having an assessment and making sure you have a covering over any significant damage is an important step in getting a clear understanding of what is needed. 

storm damage roof repair in Franklin

Step 2: Contact your Homeowner’s Insurance

Once you know what is needed, it would be a good idea to run the situation by your homeowners insurance company. They will be able to tell you if it would be beneficial for your situation to run this through your insurance, or if you are even eligible to make a claim. At Professional Roofing, Inc., we can help you navigate this process with our almost two decades of expertise.

Step 3: If You Haven’t Already, Contact a Professional Roofer!

While some projects are great for DIY, storm damage roof repair may not be one of them. Once you have a good idea of what is needed, make sure to contact an experienced roofing company to help you get your roof back in shape. Professional Roofing, Inc. is a locally owned, A+ BBB-rated roofing company that actively works to enhance communication and guarantee quality workmanship, all while providing and supporting our local community. Give us a call today to start the process of peicing your home back together.


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