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4 Signs that you need window replacement

4 Signs That You Need Window Replacement

Windows are a critical component to any building. They allow precious sunlight to permeate through a home and bring warmth and sunlight. They allow you to observe the outside world, from the safety of your home. However, as is consistent throughout the world, nothing lasts forever. Windows will eventually fail and need to be replaced. This blog post aims to enlighten you by identifying 4 major indicators that you may need window replacement. Ranging from higher energy bills, fluctuating house temperatures, to structural damage to your home, there are countless reasons to prioritize the health of the windows in your house or business.

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Fogginess Between Window Panes

When the seals around the window begin to fail, the inert gas in the window escapes and the outside air can enter. As a result, moisture from the air condenses when the right conditions are met and the foggy/hazy look appears. The optimal condition for the air to condense is a colder outer glass and warmer infiltrating air.

Damaged Seals

Damaged Seals

The most common sign of a damaged window seal is the aforementioned fogginess in a window. Additionally, once the seal is damaged the inert glass can escape and cause the glass to distort. This can lead to cracks, and things looking distorted through the window.
Draftiness Outside Air Entering

Draftiness/Outside Air Entering

The most obvious sign there is a draft coming from a damaged window is the immediate feeling of a draft in close proximity to the window itself. (Especially near the seals.) Another major sign of drafty windows is a higher-than-usual electricity bill. As the colder/warmer outside air enters from the damaged window(s), your house has to work harder to maintain your set temperature.

Cracked Wood or Water Damage

Cracked Wood or Water Damage Around Windowsill

Wood rot can noticed visually around the base of a windowsill. It can appear as cracking around the windowsill. Signs of black mold or any other kind of mold, particularly near a specific area of the window, is a sign the window seal is failing. Any evidence of condensation – be it water damage, or mold – is a sign the window needs to be replaced ASAP contact Professional Roofers, Inc.


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