How to Finance A roof

A Short Guide

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By Krys Escobar

It’s not uncommon for a homeowner to forget about the importance their home’s roof. It’s easy for minor roof damage to develop undetected. This minor damage will eventually become major, and big problems will begin to come to light. Most people won’t take action until there is a major leak or repair needed. This is not to shame a homeowner’s obliviousness, it makes sense as a well built roof will last decades and decades.

Where Financing a Roof Comes Into Play

Once the time comes when a roof repair or replacement is needed, financing a new roof becomes an option. This blog aims to shed light on just how easy the process is, should you decide financing is the best route for your situation.
The first step is to find a trusted contractor with years of experience. You can shop around online by googling phrases such as “roofer near me”, “roofing contractors” or “top roofers in [YOUR CITY]”, etc. Once you find an ideal company, you can check their reviews on Google, Angie’s List, BBB, and many other places to see if they are a reputable company.
After narrowing down one or a few roofing companies, you can have multiple roofing contractors come out and inspect your roof, and create a thorough proposal explaining what’s optimal for you.

Professional Roofers, Inc. provides free roof inspections for anyone in the Middle Tennessee area. You can check out our Service Areas here, and sign up for a free roof inspection here. (Scroll to bottom of page.)


Although it differs from insurance company to insurance company, insurance will mostly cover a new roof’s financing if it’s damages are weather-related. Check the terms with your insurance company to find out what’s covered. 

PRI's Financing Process

The process we specifically use here at Professional, Roofers Inc. is very straightforward. Financing terms are credit based. Better credit means 6 or 12 month interest-free financing. Bad credit means interest accrual is included. Rates are dependent on your credit.
Once you’ve decided you’re interested in applying for financing for your new roof, we’ll have you sit down with a member of our team who will call our partner company Service Finance and provide them with all the juicy details of your beautiful new roof-to-be, along with our dealer number. Service Finance will go through with you the normal motions of any basic credit check, and then explain your options of financing, based on the return of your credit score.
Once you’ve gone through your financing options based on your credit, we will then work together to decide which option is best for your new roof, and then you’re onto picking out the color of shingles you want on your beautiful new roof!
After the installation is complete, Professional Roofers submits the certificate of completion to Service Finance, who your loan runs through 100%. Since your financing is done through them, any monthly payments will be made to them in any payment method that’s convenient for you.
And that’s it! Sit back, relax, and enjoy your new roof that you were able to pay for thanks to credit services offered through our partner Service Finance!

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